The Aqua Logic


Reliable Pool / Spa Automation!
Automates all Pool & Spa Functions – Pumps, Lights, Heaters & Water Features – Truly Cost Effective Automation

The Aqua Logic makes owning a pool and/or spa fun, easy and healthy – with convenient automation. The pool’s filtration is programmed to work everyday at your desired levels, longer hours on weekends, shorter on weekdays, the choice is yours. Program the pool heater, gas or electric, and solar if needed, to get the temperature you want, when you want! Spa jets on, spa jets off, pool lights on or off, you are in control the smart way with Aqua Logic. At the touch of a button or the ease of a predetermined program the choice is yours, the choice is Aqua Logic.









Controls Automatically
That’s right, once you set the Aqua Logic, all your pool/spa functions and features will operate automatically. Imagine enjoying years of swimming pleasure with everything operating at the touch of a button. Just set to suit your preferences and you get just the right environment you want – Logically.

That’s Aqua Logically! Aqua Logic – See it & Try it.
Like tens of thousands of satisfied pool owners, you’ll agree – your pool never looked so good, and the water never felt so good! Pure swimming pleasure. The Aqua Logic is truly “The Clear solution to Automation” for today’s pool and spas.

Optional Sanitization
The Aqua Logic system can also automatically generates its own chlorine from a small amount of ordinary table salt, dissolved in your pool water, to create 100% of your pools sanitization needs. A teaspoon of salt per gallon of water is all it takes to adjust your pool to work with Aqua Logic. Salt that doesn’t wear out or evaporate, its just used over and over again. Day in – Day out, you have fresh, pure chlorine introduced throughout your swimming pool and/or spa from this common table salt. The Aqua Logic’s soft, silky smooth water is perfect for all pools and spas up to 40,000 gallons, plaster, pebble, vinyl, or fiberglass!

Turbo Cell – The Secret of Controlled Chlorination

  • Unique offset design amplifies chlorine production & efficiency
  • Turbulent flow patter ensures peak performance

Soft Silky Pure Water Automatically
Your pool can be an inviting backyard paradise with soft, pure, sparkling clean water. Imagine no chlorine smell or irritation, no red eyes or dry skin, just silky soft inviting water ready when you are. For fitness and pleasure, nothing is more nature friendly than an Aqua Logic system on your pool. For freshly sanitized, sparkling clear water with the level of purification you want, and for the fresh, healthy difference you’ll enjoy, Aqua Logic with the optional Chlorine generator is the answer!










5-year Limited Warranty
Goldline is well able to create a warranty precedent and back it. With more than 3 million quality products sold, Goldline is rated number one nationally in many customer satisfaction surveys and is the world’s largest manufacturer of electronic chlorine generators. With today’s advanced Aqua Collection of electronic controls and chlorinators, Goldline presents a new age in automation and pool sanitization technology. It is also proud to support its many dealers with a strong warranty and service network.

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