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The Coliseum will enhance the beauty of any backyard! The Coliseum’s delta 3000 oval pool system incorporates aluminum tie bars and a water plate. Providing exceptional structural integrity for oval pools. The delta 3000 system was engineered to ensure maximum swimming area for minimal space. With its massive roman column style for uprights and elegant grey structure, the Coliseum provides a stately look and build that will last for a lifetime of summer memories.

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Round15', 18', 21', 24', 27', 30'
Oval12 1/2' x 21 1/2', 15' x 24', 15' x 30', 18' x 33'

What Do I Need to Do to Prepare for My Installation?

Contact Your Township – Apply for your building permit. All townships have different rules as to how close a pool may be to property lines. Contact Your Electrician – A licensed electrician should do all of your pool wiring needs.Your above ground pool will require a 20 amp, 110 volt circuit. This circuit should be protected by a ground fault interrupt circuit breaker. Set Up an Appointment With Your Nemo Pools Sales Representative – Together you can then look over the pool site and have any questions or concerns answered.

Why Is an “in-House Installer” Better?

Quality Control – Since our installers work for us and are factory trained professionals, we are able to control the quality of performance as compared to an independent sub-contractor. No Liability Confusion – You are dealing with one company. You won’t be caught between a pool sales company and sub-contractor should a concern arise. One call – One Company! Peace of Mind – Your installed pool is covered under a 3 year workmanship warranty. In addition if any covered* liner failures occur within the first pool season, our installers will replace it at no cost to you. *Terms of coverage under Manufacturers Liner Warranty

What Else Should I Know About My Installation?

Leveling – Your installation includes leveling of the pool. Most places charge fees to level the pool. At Nemo Pools, this is included in the installation. Machinery – The equipment used to level your site is not overly large and is universally known as a Bobcat. Water – Water is required to properly set your liner into place. Your salesperson can explain to you how to get your water. Also, he or she will help in making any arrangements. Chemically Balanced – Water is chemically balanced by Nemo Pools

Can I Sink My Pool in The Ground?

We do not recommend that you sink your above ground pool into the ground. If you choose to go ahead and do this anyway please be aware that you may encounter some problems down the road. For example, the corrosion process will be accelerated, and the backfill may cause the walls to cave in if the water level is ever reduced. You should also check all safety and local codes before sinking an above ground pool as it may not meet the standards once this is done.

Can I Put Rocks Around the Outside of My Pool?

Just as we recommend with the pool base, decorative rocks are okay to place around your pool as long as you do not use any substance with high alkaline or acid content as it will corrode the metal parts of your pool. Products such as wood chips are also potentially harmful to your pool because they retain moisture. If the metal parts are constantly wet, then they will corrode faster. To prevent this from happening use a materiel that allows the moisture to drain through at a normal pace.

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