Confer Plastics

Curve Inpool Step System

For inground and above ground

  • Available in four configurations; two for aboveground and two for inground
  • Start with the base step unit (staircase) and then expand into a complete Curve system at any time
  • Curve system has the sweeping “wedding cake†look that many homeowners want in a pool step
  • Four tread unit is for above ground pools
  • Three thread unit is for inground pools
  • Above ground unit can be assembled with treads curving inwards or outwards depending on customer preferences
  • Eye-catching, graceful sloping handrails
  • Two tone color – grey treads with warm grey (beige) sidewalls and handrails. Complements any swimming pool!
  • Adjustable base pads to compensate for a slightly-dished pool floor
  • Can be shipped by UPS or Fed-Ex
  • Easy assembly with no hardware required
  • Weight limit – 400 lbs.
  • Tread width – 27â€
  • Tread depth – 10â€
  • Riser height – 11â€
  • Unit depth – 32â€
  • Handrail height (from top step) – 30â€
  • Height to top tread – In ground 36†– Above ground 47â€
  • Mounting bracket length – 24â€
  • Overall outside width – 38â€
  • Complete Curve System width – 58â€
  • Model #CCX-AG: Confer Curve base (staircase) 4-step for aboveground.
  • Model #CCX-AG-2: Confer Curve add-on unit for aboveground.
  • Model CCX-IG: Confer Curve base (staircase) 3-step for inground:
  • Model CCX-IG-2: Confer Curve add-on unit for inground.







Pool Entry System

Can be installed in two configurations:

  • Model #PES-1: One unit to be used inside the pool off a deck.
  • Model #PES-DBL: Two units can be combined, making a complete entry system inside and outside the pool. Comes complete with our #PES-G Gate System.
  • Model #PES-G: Gate System for two combined Pool Entry Systems.

The unique design of the pool entry system allow two units to be joined together to form a complete entry/exit system into the pool. Designed for all people including elderly swimmers and physically challenged swimmers:

  • Five steps, instead of four.
  • Top step covers the pool top rail.
  • Meets current and proposed ANSI/NSPI Standards.
  • Easy assembly; steps and risers snap into side panels and are held in place with plastic wedges. No metal parts.
  • Non-slip step surfaces are grey for high visibility.
  • Adjusts to fit 48″ to 54″ tall pools and decks.
  • Excellent for elderly, slightly handicapped, or heavy swimmers. Holds over 400 pounds.
  • Does not rest on or attach to pool.
  • Side openings allow water to circulate through unit to inhibit algae growth.
  • All plastic construction will not affect water chemistry and will not corrode.
  • Gate for #PES-DBL restricts access to the pool. It is self-closing and self-latching. Satisfies most building inspectors.
  • Includes deck connector for easy attachment to deck.
  • Fits decks up to 54″ or can fit taller decks using special mounting instructions.


  • Overall Projection into pool – 36″
  • Overall height – 81″ (plus up to 6″ adjustability)
  • Overall width – 31″
  • Step – 10″ x 27″
  • Top Platform – 12″ x 27″
  • Handrail height (from top step) – 32″
  • Riser height – 11″


  • Height of Gate – 58″
  • Width of Gate – 27&#8243#8243;
  • Height of Latch – 57″
  • Gate Is Self-Closing & Self-Latching.
  • Includes Padlock.

Available Models

  • Model #PES-1: One unit to be used inside the pool off a deck.
  • Model #PES-DBL: Two units can be combined, making a complete entry system inside and outside the pool. Comes complete with our #PES-G Gate System.








Model #Step-1

Confer In Pool Step

  • For above ground pools with flat bottoms.
  • Easy, snap together installation
  • Can be shipped via UPS/RPS
  • Large, flat steps (each with 270 square inches) complete with two all-plastic handrails
  • Mounting brackets included; secures unit to pool or deck
  • Side openings allow water circulation behind unit to inhibit algae growth
  • Gray steps for high visibility in water
  • Economical, yet strong; holds 400 pounds.
  • Improved base system

Confer Step Specs

  • Fits Decks up to 60″
  • Height to Top Step – 47 inches
  • Height to Handrail – 38 inches
  • Projection into Pool – 32 inches
  • Width – 31 inches
  • Riser Height – 11 inches
  • Step Dimensions – 10″ x 27″








Model #8100

Ground-to-Step Entry Ladder

  • When combined with our Curve step it forms an economical entry/exit system
  • Outside treads swing up into an upright position for security. Padlock included
  • Note: Curve inpool step unit not included; must be purchased separately
  • Simple and easy assembly.
  • Weight guideline: 300 lbs.

Step Enclosure Kit COnfer Plastics Steps

Enclosure Kit

Kit made for STEP-1 product

  • Allows you to connect and enclose two Confer Steps for an economical entry system.
  • Fits 48″ to 54″ pools.
  • Consists of top platform, two side rails, pickets, and gate. The gate completely encloses the steps for security, and is self-enclosing and self-latching.
  • Due to insurance requirements and specific building codes in municipalities across the US, we must sell a complete enclosure kit. We CANNOT sell the top step and side rails separately.
  • Padlock Included
  • Note: #Step-1 Units not included; must be purchased separately.
  • Model #STEP-ENC


Model #S.I.G.

“Safe and Secure†System

  • Satisfies most building inspector and insurance requirements in most states
  • Self-closing, self-latching gate restricts access to pool
  • Gate includes self-closing mechanism (see inset photo) for a sure close everytime
  • Gate includes padlock for complete security
  • Inpool ladder takes up minimal space inside pool
  • Steps and ladder can be separated and used individually if a deck is built
  • Inpool ladder features anti-entrapment barrier
  • Model #S.I.G.