We Will Be Open from 9-1 on Memorial Day and The 4th of July
We Will Be Open from 9-1 on Memorial Day and The 4th of July

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Get ready to enjoy your backyard paradise like never before this pool season with the Southport model pool. The curved design and smooth shape will have guests of all ages jumping right in!

  • Spacious area for relaxing or playing
  • Customizable special features
  • Beautiful design and shape
28'14' 1"3' 7"6'

Will the Fiberglass Pool Crack?

The fiberglass pools are constructed as one piece, 100% fiberglass swimming pool shell, and will flex without cracking to accommodate earth movement.

Can I Empty the Fiberglass Swimming Pool?

The fiberglass swimming pool should never be emptied. If there is a requirement for the fiberglass pool to be emptied, for warranty reasons you should first consult the installer (Barrier Reef Agent) to advise on the situation.

Will the Fiberglass Swimming Pool Lift out Of the Ground?

The short answer is no. The long answer all swimming pools have to potential to pop or float if the water in the ground surrounding the pool is higher than the water level inside of the pool. So, yes, it is possible for it to happen, but to the same extent that all other pool types would have also lifted out of the ground. This myth has been thoroughly debunked, and only requires a page or two of web search results to quiet any naysayers.

How Long Will the Fiberglass Swimming Pool Last?

The swimming pools come with a lifetime structural warranty. The gelcoat finish warranty is 15 years. Please refer to warranty structure for full reference. Our pools have been in the marketplace for over 30 years and show no signs of deterioration so we can safely say a lifetime.

Is the Pool Surface Abrasive?

Barrier Reef fibreglass swimming pools are smooth and safe. Unlike other materials, fibreglass is not abrasive there are no sharp or dangerous edges.

Is Fiberglass Compatible with Saltwater?

Yes fiberglass is totally compatible with saltwater.

Do the Pools Stain?

The gel coat finish enables the pools to be a stain resistant smooth surface which cleans easily and requires less chemicals, saving you money.

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